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By Mike Serapio

E-B-C#m - B - E
E                              C#m                          
Come let us rejoice Come let us sing
A                                  E
For the Lord is Good. He Made all things

Come Let us reveal His Love and Majesty
For the Lord has Come The King of All Kings

A                E        B                      C#m
For In Him we are Saved His Cross set us Free
A                            E                        B
For in Him we are Home There is Peace, 
              A                      F#                    B
There is Light There is Hope There is Joy

E.                E/Eb  C#m                  B 
Rejoice And sing With one Voice we bring
A                                            E-B
To the ends of the earth we proclaim

E                  E/Eb            C#m                  B
Rejoice and be Glad In praise we raise our hands
A                                          E-B-C#
To the ends of the earth we Proclaim