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No One Greater

By: Rain Alba

play chords:  C-G-Am-F

There's no greater than Christ the Lord of all
There's no one stronger Jesus Christ the King of all

Verse 1
When life's full of adversity, i place my faith in his majesty
He turned my mourning into dancing , replaced my sorrow with His joy
He is the way, the truth and the life, He will guide you with His light
Put all your trust in Him and you'll see, the burden of the cross ain't heavy.

Verse 2
The Lord of lords, He came to me, eternal life he offered me
The King of kings He died for me, my salvation paid in Calvary
My flesh and my heart it may, it may fail, I may become weak and frail
He'll be my strength, the strength of my heart
And be my portion forevermore