Post date: Oct 14, 2015 3:46:27 AM


happened simultaneously last September 18-20, 2015. A team composed of 30 brethren (couples and youths) majority from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, together with PPC-Florida power couple Patricio and Essy Donoso served in the activities. The team is ever grateful for the generosity, hospitality and support of Fr. Serafin Avenido of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Community of Fort Stockton, TX and his staff. 

The mission started Friday afternoon when the team travelling a long drive of 7 hours in 2 vans and 2 other cars. The rest of the team flew in to Midland Airport. The adventure to serve the Lord is indeed exciting. Meanwhile, Fr. Serafin started the weekend with a Holy Hour and Orientation to prepare the participants for the activities of the weekend. 

The kids also enjoyed their fun sessions on the same topics as their parents but given through songs, activities and film showing. They diligently practiced the praise songs that were taught to them. Truly God’s kingdom belongs to them. 

Dinner was served early, and the Session on the Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit was given and immediately followed by each of the participant being prayed over by their discussion group leaders. It was then followed by an empowering worship with a mix of English and Hispanic songs. 

The youth also prayed over their fellow youth and ended the sessions with a spirit-filled worship. They ended  the night with a bonfire which allowed them to surrender their struggles to the Lord. 

The group again gathered together for entertainment night with the kids and youths sharing their talents to their parents and glorifying the Lord through their performances. It was a fitting end for a long but spirit filled day. 

Sunday again started early with everyone back ready to hear the final module of the CLP and the final talks of the camps. This was followed by a special Holy Mass with Fr. Serafin introducing and congratulating the participating families and service team for the success of the weekend. 

After mass everyone gathered back to the session hall where, fifteen couples (11 English and 4 Hispanic), eight Handmaids of

The Saturday morning started with Registration at 7:30 AM. The English CLP led by Tito and Helen Racho stayed in the Main Session Hall, while the Hispanic CLP led by Patricio and Essy Donoso, the Youth Camp led by Deejay Manglicmot and Fatima Regalado with Mission Worker Ronnie Gonzaga as overseer, and the Kids Camp facilitated by Nelson and Sandy Ricamata were conducted in the 3 separate classrooms in St. Agnes Parish. The morning was filled with inspiring sessions on the Basic Truths about Christianity. The discussion groups also provided the participants the avenue to share and exchange experiences. 

Everyone gathered in the dining hall for lunch and the discussion group leaders also were able to conduct one-on-one sessions during the lunch break. After lunch, the Second Module Sessions about the Authentic Christian Life truly inspired the participants to live out their faith. The discussion groups again allowed the participants to share their reflections on the sessions. After which, the discussion group leaders again conducted one-to-ones to prepare the participants for the pray over sessions.  

Meanwhile, the Youths were equally inspired with their own sessions on God’s Love, Who is Jesus Christ, and Repentance and Faith. They were able to encounter the Lord through their group discussions with their fellow youth. 

the Lord, thirteen youths and twelve  kids were dedicated to the global community of Couples for Christ and its Family Ministries. Our new brothers and sisters and their families are very excited to start serving the Lord through CFC! The service team was empowered. May God be continuously  glorified through the success of this mission. --STS