About CFC

Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth

International Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right

Couples for Christ (CFC) is a movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life. The members have committed themselves to the Lord and to one another so that they may grow in maturity as men and women of God and fulfill their primary vocation of raising up families under the lordship of Jesus Christ and for the service of the Kingdom of God.

Couples for Christ is a work of Christ which raises up Christian couples and establishes Christian families committed to the work of evangelization, winning the world for Christ and Total Human Liberation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

It grows mainly through the establishment of localized units in different parishes.


CFC began in 1981 in Manila, Philippines when Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon (Joy in the Lord), a covenanted Christian charismatic community, realized that to effectively renew society, a conversion of both spouses, and consequently families, to Christ was necessary.

The method used consisted of bringing together a small group of prospective couples in a private home. They were brought together to a living relationship with Jesus Christ and to renewal in a social environment.

Beginning from the first 16 couples who joined the weekly gathering, CFC became a Christian family life renewal which was later made available to parishes and groups of married couples who wished to live out their Christian life in an active, supportive relationship with one another.

The growth of CFC stemmed from its heart for mission and evangelization and its commitment to sharing God’s love with others, beginning from the basic unit – the family. It did not take long for CFC to realize that while couple renewal was essential, it would be incomplete without family renewal.

Through the years, CFC has blossomed into a worldwide ministry, becoming a major force for the renewal of the Christian family and also of the Church.


Those who join Couples for Christ are made part of a small cell group called a Household. The Household is composed of four to seven couples who meet weekly for mutual support and encouragement in the Christian life, under the direction of a Household Head. The Household meetings are held in the homes of the group members on a rotation basis. A typical meeting would involve some time for prayers, a time for sharing or discussion, and finally, some time for fellowship. 

All members undergo continuing formation both in the Christian life and also in the life and mission of CFC. The first-year formation program, mandatory for all members, consists of the Christian Life Program, the Covenant Orientation, the Marriage Enrichment Retreat, and Evangelization Training. Beyond the first year, there are other teachings and courses which are made available to the membership. Some are mandatory for various levels of leadership while others are optional.